sits, personnel training and international peacekeeping m●issions. Parmelin said that Switzerland adheres to the one-China p●olicy and is willing to advance pragmatic cooperation with China in● all fielQ

  • ds. Noting the gl

    ood momentum of development in military-t●o-military re7

    lations, Chang Wanquan saO

    20 SEPTEMBER 2014
  • id China is w6

    illing to work w●ith Switzerland to deepen exchanges anX

    d pragmatic coope7

    24 OCTOMER 2014
  • ration betwe●e6

    n the two militaries. Parmelin told Chang that Switzerlak

    nd attach●eq

    15 JANUARY 2013
  • s much import3

    ance to developing ties with China and is willing to ●wa

    ork together withf

    24 OCTOMER 2014
  • China to elevaH

    te military-to-military relations ●to a new level. WASH7

    INGTON, June0

    15 JANUARY 2013


g signs, thou●sands of protesters marched to Washington, D.C. on Saturday, st●aging what is expected to be the largest demonstration in the n●ation's capital against racial injustice and police brutality. ● After eight days of protests that ebbed and flowed in the dist●rict, people from around the country gathered with renewed mome●ntum, streaming into the capital from nearby places such as Arl●ington, Virginia, Xinhua reporters spotted. Destined for the c●ity's landmarks like the Lincoln Memorial, Capitol Hill, and th●e White House, which has been fortified with tall black fences,?

?the demonstrators in one group were heard chanting "Whose stre●ets? Our streets!" D.C. police closed much of the downtown are●a to vehicle traffic starting 6:00 a.m. Eastern Time, with boun●daries of the V





ed area reachinge


the National Ma5


  • nrich military-q
  • to-militar●y ra

ll in the● south and L Street NW in the north. The western end is along 1●9th Street NWF

and the 9

  • tributions to t0
  • he China-Switze6

eastern edge is Ninth Street NW through t●he city center down to Third Street NW facing b

the U.S. G

  • rtnership. Fan 6
  • hailed the smooM

Capitol.● As of 12:00 p.m., D.C. Police Traffic estimated that there we●re roughly 6,00X

0 protest9

  • -military relate
  • ions in recent 7

ers in town, with some 3,000 at the Lin●coln Memorial and another 3,000 at 16th and I stW

reets, NWC

  • ges and cooperab
  • tion in areas sn

. Othe●r groups were proceeding along 15th and H streets NW, as well a●s Pennsylvania AZ

venue, a J


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